Tabex Packaging

Variations of Tabex Packaging

You can see there are three different packaging types of Tabex. Blue box commonly for the USA and green box for European markets.  Both have identical contents.

Tabex Blister Strips

Tabex has 5 blister packs inside which totals 100 tablets.
Tabex is also manufactured in 2 blisters of 50 tablets. Contents are exactly the same as show bottom left.


Tabex blister packs

(Left) 5 x 20 Tablets (Right) 2 x 50 Tablets

Please note: We ship thousands of orders monthly and your order may be delivered without the box. This is simply to reduce our shipping costs. Tabex is a Bulgarian made product and instructions are therefore in Bulgarian.  In this case we do not send the instructions with the order as most customers will not understand the language. We ask customers to refer to our dosage page for dosage instructions.