‘Quit with Tabex®’. The safe and natural way! Tabex UK, USA and Worldwide

Tabex is a 100% natural plant extract and available worldwide without a prescription. ‘Quit with Tabex the safe healthy and natural way!’

Thousands of customers joined us in the ‘Stoptober’ campaign 2016. Selling over 23,000 boxes we helped many people around the globe to kick the habit! We provided FREE DELIVERY of Tabex worldwide during ‘Stoptober’ and due to the amount of satisfied customers we now continue this service. We are here to help you kick the habit during 2017!

Average delivery of Tabex to USA and Australia is only 7 days. Orders posted next working day from our UK office. Be aware of counterfeits. Order Tabex with ‘Quit With Tabex®’ for the genuine Tabex tablets®.

Tabex® is the ORIGINAL
anti-smoking product.

Tabex® is the ORIGINAL anti-smoking product manufactured ‘Sopharma Bulgaria’.

Tabex® tablets have been available in Russia and Eastern Europe for the past 40 years and widely available in Europe. Tabex® is the safest and most tolerable anti-smoking product on the world market and has helped millions worldwide to stop smoking. Tabex tablets do not contain Nicotine, it is totally safe and natural without any reported side effects. Buy Tabex® and quit smoking today! Quit With Tabex!

Over 9 million packets have been sold worldwide! Due to such demand British medics want it available on the NHS after a new trial in 2011 showed it boosts a person’s chances of ditching cigarettes four-fold.


Worldwide Media Articles on Tabex Tablets

Tabex tablets have now helped millions around the globe kick the habit in a safe and healthy way! Sky news say The benefits of Tabex® are comparable with those of other treatments, but at a fraction of the cost. Tabex is a natural and healthy product to help give up smoking”

“Increase your chances of giving up by fourfold!”

“Research shows 76% of patients gave up smoking”

The NHS say ‘Tabex smoking drug shows promise’ (NHS, 2011)