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You could give up smoking the safe, healthy and natural way with Tabex!

Tabex has been known to have an astonishing ability to help stop smoking in a safe and natural way. As a result Tabex demand in the UK, USA and Australia has risen drastically. Tabex is known as the most beneficial and cost effective stop smoking aid today!

Tabex is a natural herbal product containing Cytisine which is from the Laburnum tree which grows wildly in hot climates particularly in Bulgaria. Tabex Cytisine has been used Worldwide over 40 years to help with cravings of smoking. Tabex Cytisine is a natural herbal product available over the counter without a prescription.

We’re so confident you could experience positive health benefits and great customer service that we provide Worldwide shipping with a fully tracked service!

Be aware of counterfeit products. Sopharma of Bulgaria are the manufacturers of Tabex Cytisine. Materials used on counterfeits are not certificated and can be harmful.

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Tabex®. ORIGINAL anti-smoking product by Sopharma

Tabex®. ORIGINAL anti-smoking product manufactured only by ‘Sopharma Bulgaria’ Tabex is known as the most beneficial and cost efffective anti-smoking product on the world market and has helped millions worldwide to stop smoking. Tabex tablets do not contain Nicotine.

Buy Tabex® and quit smoking today! Tabex by Sopharma in Bulgaria has been developed on the basis of the alkaloid Cytisine which is a natural extract having a similar action to that of nicotine. Over 9 million packets have been sold worldwide! Due to such demand British medics want it available on the NHS after a new trial in 2011 showed it boosts a person’s chances of ditching cigarettes four-fold.

Worldwide Media Articles. UK and USA Media on Tabex

Tabex tablets have helped many consumers from around the world. Sky news say The benefits of Tabex® are comparable with those of other treatments, but at a fraction of the cost.

Tabex is a natural and healthy product to help give up smoking” “Increase your chances of giving up by fourfold!” “Research shows 76% of patients gave up smoking” “Clinical studies show that patients gave up smoking in 28 days” The NHS say ‘Tabex smoking drug shows promise’ (NHS, 2011)


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Be aware of counterfeit Tabex products.


What our customers say

Tabex really does work wonders and I cant believe how effective it is.  I took a 4 weeks course and have not smoked since and that was 3 months ago.  The cravings went after about 5 days. Even with drinking coffee and alcohol the cravings were not there with the habit of smoking.

01/08/20 / Christopher Edwards / Australia

Tabex is awesome.  Used it for 4 weeks and i felt the cravings go away.

Sarah Brandon / 03/010/20 / Australia

Having been a smoker for 20 years its hard no matter what remedy you use. I have tried them all with no joy. This year I decided it really was time to give up and did a course of tabex over 10 weeks with a big struggle and havent touched a cigarette in 8 weeks. I am staying strong and never intend to smoke again.

Andrew Walsh / 14/01/20 / Yorkshire, UK