Safety of Tabex.

Is Tabex Safe?

Tabex is a medicinal product against smoking that contains cytisine. Please note that Tabex is not a drug of any kind but completely natural based on a plant extract and available in stores worldwide without any prescription.

Effect on drivers and machine operators: Tabex is considered safe and induces no changes in the physchophysical status, driving ability and machine operation.

Interactions: No data is available on undesired interactions between Tabex and other products.

Undesired adverse effects: The clinical studies showed a good tolerance to the product (Tabex) and grave adverse effects were not observed. The following adverse effects are rather often observed at the beginning of taking Tabex: Changes in both taste and appetite, dryness in the mouth, headache, irritability, nausea, constipation. The majority of the adverse effects will abate in the course of the treatment. No major side effects have ever been noted with Tabex.