Tabex UK, USA and Australia demand has risen drastically over recent years but only available in parts of Europe.

We’re so confident you will experience positive health benefits and great customer service that we provide FREE shipping to all countries.

Tabex is a product licensed for sale in eastern european and central european countries. There are some countries we can not ship to.


The 2 month option above is recommended. 85% of patients gave up after a 2 month course.

  • The course of treatment usually lasts between 25-30 days. This course is recommended to be cycled twice and has shown to be more effective with 85% of patients giving up after 60 days!

Please Note

Shop with us for the genuine Tabex. Be cautious of purchasing what are advertised as Tabex® on eBay, and various other websites. Many are made in China with the same box design but are not genuine Tabex® by Sopharma (which is made ONLY in Bulgaria). Materials used on these counterfeit products are not checked and not certificated and do not comply with health and safety regulations.